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Innovation in IT helps CIOs transform IT and the business

Innovation in IT hinges not on big budgets and large staffs, but on enterprising CIOs who can transform IT processes through creativity and strategic planning. Learn more here.

Although a recession is a time when the economy retracts, it's also a time when savvy organizations and their CIOs can push for innovation in IT, transform IT processes and broaden IT's scope and impact on the rest of the business.

Do you know how to leverage ingenuity to improve IT operations and processes? Read the stories below to brush up on innovation in IT and learn how you, too, can transform IT and the business.

 A CIO's tough-love approach to IT transformation
[Linda Tucci, Senior News Writer]
For Boston Scientific's CIO, the first step in IT transformation and making IT into a business partner was to tell his managers they weren't as good as they thought they were.

 Are innovation strategies back on CIO agendas?
[Linda Tucci, Senior News Writer]
After taking a back seat to cost-cutting during the recession, innovation strategies are back on business agendas. Is your strategy in place?

 How Chevron drives ingenuity
[Linda Tucci, Senior News Writer]
Should CIOs have innovation strategies? We talk with Chevron's innovation specialist about how the energy giant discovers ingenuity and develops a corporate creative process.

 IT transformation is on track at Amtrak
[Linda Tucci, Senior News Writer]
Amtrak's CIO talks about his approach to large- and small-scale business and IT transformation.

 James Champy: IT innovation in a time of economic crisis
[Karen Guglielmo, Content Director]
IT innovation is critical in a time of economic crisis. Find out how IT can enable the business to be successful and remain competitive.

 As recession deepens, IT transformation best tackled in chunks
[Linda Tucci, Senior News Writer]
Transformative IT is enabling companies to emerge from the recession ready to compete, gurus say. But big projects, it seems, are best taken in chunks these days.

 Small IT innovations -- even savvy font management! -- can cut costs
[Rachel Lebeaux, Associate Editor]
Do IT innovations need to be big to be effective? Absolutely not. The University of Wisconsin is seeing big cost savings from a simple font switch.

 The importance of communication in IT innovation
[Linda Tucci, Senior News Writer]
Is your company trying to turn IT innovation into a process? Read about the three levels of innovation and the communication skills required for each.

 CIO drives IT business value with new perspective on processes
[Linda Tucci, Senior News Writer]
How can CIOs help their companies get a return on IT investments? By putting new processes and frameworks in place aimed at driving IT business value.

 How to build IT innovation, flexibility into your IT outsourcing deals
[Rachel Lebeaux, Associate Editor]
Learn how to draw IT innovation from your outsourcing vendors and structure your contracts to cover new technology models like cloud and Software as a Service.

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