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Leading IT transformation: Best in IT Leadership Series

IT transformation can be about legacy systems, legacy infrastructure or changing business. Learn how CIOs have led this most challenging of efforts.

It happens to many CIOs: Walk through that door, and you have a transformation on your hands. Sometimes it's an IT transformation, to overhaul outdated infrastructure, migrate or consolidate legacy applications, change job descriptions and roles. Sometimes it's a business transformation that requires a transformation of IT: enable new functionality to drive a new business strategy or else. Or maybe it's an IT centralization project that will bring economies of scale and simplify a global IT environment, one application at a time.

Whether you're a CIO undertaking transformation at a new organization or one where you've worked for years, let the collective wisdom of others who have tread that path lend you a hand. Here we have compiled articles from CIOs in retail, government, manufacturing, financial services and more, as they tackle what is often the crowning achievement of an IT career. Have a look -- and feel free to contact us with your own story of IT transformation.

 Utah's Centralizer: How a State CIO Merged 24 IT Departments
Disorder and decentralization defined Utah's IT department. Then a new CIO, bolstered by a legislative mandate to make order from chaos, arrived on the scene.

 Avon calling: The gradual path to IT centralization
Avon CIO Harriet Edelman had to pull back on centralization before she could move it forward.

 Technology Overhaul Unites a Global Enterprise
Sunrise Medical bought more than two dozen businesses worldwide, then embarked on a path to unify them.

 SOA implementation propels business process transformation
When business process automation was insufficient and business process management products proved too narrow, executives at Catalina Marketing turned to SOA to streamline things and change the business.

 Outsourcing and Business Transformation -- A CIO Conversation
Outsourcing wasn't the plan, but it became a CIO's best option when his vendor bailed on software licensing. Learn how he used it to drive business transformation at a Hawaiian bank.

 As recession deepens, IT transformation best tackled in chunks
Transformative IT will enable companies to emerge from the recession ready to compete, gurus say. But big projects, it seems, are best taken in chunks these days.

 Creating a Shared Services Organization
InUnison Technology Services isn't your typical IT services organization. CIO Jeff Connery created it from the IT groups of two separate companies.

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