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Mobile device management: From business apps to device security

Get started on or improve your mobile device management strategy with these tips, strategies and resources for mobile device security, mobile application support and more.

Mobile business applications can increase employee productivity and pave the way for enterprise growth. But as more organizations go mobile -- creating and managing business applications for mobile devices -- it's important to create a strategy that will protect you and your organization. Security threats, the need for additional management resources and the possibility of managing multiple business applications on many different devices can be more than IT headaches -- they can be very real business problems. But preparing you and your organization for what may be an inevitable move forward may alleviate some of the associated problems.

A strategy for mobile device management should address mobile application implementation, support and data protection issues. Here are some resources and points to consider when setting up a strategy for managing a plethora of mobile devices and applications.

  Mobile device management

Mobile device management strategy for diverse mobile devices
Standardizing on one mobile device across your organization is no longer the easy option. With new devices entering the consumer arena with enterprise capabilities, organizations are met with the challenging task of stretching their mobile device management strategies to include many different smartphones. Learn how to create a comprehensive strategy that includes multiple mobile operating systems with these tips for device management and security.

Mobile device management checklist
What do you need to keep in mind when developing a mobile device management strategy? With more and more organizations trending toward mobile business activity, there's a lot to keep track of. In a perfect world, smartphones for business use would be managed from deployment on the network to retirement. In this tip, learn how you can get a better handle on the mobile devices in your network, with advice on mobile security and data management and monitoring and help desk support.

  Mobile business applications

Enabling mobile business applications: A strategic approach
Mobilizing business applications can increase employee productivity and even revenue. But it's not all smooth sailing -- there are roadblocks, rollout difficulties and management issues. In this mobile tutorial, learn some of the most common issues organizations are facing when it comes to mobile business apps, and how you can prevent them. From deciding which applications make the most sense to go mobile with to planning for a successful implementation, this tip covers what you need to know when planning for mobile business applications.

Mobile applications: Making anywhere access a reality
There are costs and benefits that go along with mobilizing business applications -- including strategy and planning costs, hardware and software expenses and operation and policy requirements. On top of all that, the opportunity cost must also be evaluated. This tip discusses some cost-effective options for provisioning mobile application services while also providing some insight on the tools available to help you build and port applications to mobile devices -- including some advice on mobile middleware.

  Mobile device security for the midmarket

Three steps to achieve security for smartphones within a budget
Unsecured mobile devices pose many threats, but not all midmarket organizations have the budget for an expensive device security management system. To lower your security risk on mobile devices without dishing out for the security system, one security expert offers three budget-conscious tips. For starters, enable smartphone PINs or passwords. Learn more in the full tip.

Find remote mobile device wipe solutions on a budget
Midmarket organizations that don't have the resources for larger, pricey, enterprise-size offerings that enable remote wipe on lost or stolen employee smartphones have some options. There are some alternatives that can be scaled to fit a midmarket company's size and budget. Learn more about some of the remote wipe solutions available for the midmarket.

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