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Upgrading to Windows 7: Tips, resources and best features for business

Windows XP is in extended support, Vista is ready to be left in the past and organizations are considering upgrading to Windows 7. Learn more with these tips and resources.

The time for upgrading to Windows 7 is approaching for many organizations, especially those that skipped Vista and still have all or most of their Microsoft desktops on Windows XP. And there are benefits: Windows 7 offers new

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administrator tools and better resource utilization and performance. But moving forward with an operating system migration takes time and know-how.

We have compiled the following resources to help you prepare for a migration to Windows 7, from steps for a successful move to how to secure your legacy Windows operating systems or mitigate application incompatibilities. Plus, we include some of the Windows 7 features that organizations are finding so appealing in this Windows 7 resource roundup.



Windows 7 review: A closer look at this operating system for business
Many organizations are ready to move on to Windows 7 -- either because of Vista's quirky user interface or because Windows XP went into extended support. In this podcast and full transcript, expert Michael Cherry of the independent research firm Directions on Microsoft reviews the Windows 7 features most likely to interest the business. Some of the points addressed are:

  • Barriers to adoption
  • Security upgrades
  • Licensing concerns

Getting to know Windows 7
Finally, a Windows operating system IT is excited about! Windows 7 features some new tools -- including workstation power management and monitoring, desktop image management and more. Learn more about some of these administration tools and get some tips and resources on how to migrate to Windows 7.



Five steps for seamless Windows 7 migration
Whether you're moving from Windows Vista or XP, a Windows 7 migration takes some time. Garter Inc. says if you're like most organizations, you'll probably take another six to nine months to move ahead. Learn the five areas to look at when making your Windows 7 decision.

Secure Windows XP before a Windows 7 upgrade
For security's sake, don't push Windows XP to the backburner when migrating to Windows 7. Your Windows XP systems will still be targets for attack -- especially once Microsoft stops supporting the OS in 2014. Learn how to secure Windows XP when upgrading to Windows 7 to prevent any security gaps.

App incompatibilities for Windows 7? No problem
Not all of your current applications will be compatible with Windows 7 -- especially if you skipped Vista. There are workarounds, however, to address compatibility issues. Learn more about how to make your apps fit with Windows 7 and what Microsoft is doing to help in the form of a Windows Compatibility Center website for Windows 7.

Confirm crucial Windows 7 security settings are enabled
Windows 7 includes four security features by default. Nonetheless, it's important to double check the following:

  • Windows Firewall is turned on.
  • Windows Defender protects your computer against spyware in real time and by scanning your PC on a schedule.
  • User Account Control is turned on.

Learn how to check these crucial settings in this step-by-step guide.

What are your plans Windows 7? Email Kristen Caretta, Associate Editor ,and share your thoughts.

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