Free IT outsourcing templates: SLAs, RFPs and more

CIOs pursuing IT outsourcing deals can benefit from templates spelling out SLA and RFP best practices. Get links to some free IT outsourcing templates.

Negotiating an IT outsourcing deal has many steps, from sending out the request for proposal (RFP) to nailing down...

contract terms, including service-level agreements (SLAs). Those processes can be easier if you have best practices or even IT outsourcing templates to follow, as they walk you through the steps and decision points.

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Here, we have compiled a sampling of free IT outsourcing templates to help enterprise organizations in their sourcing strategies. These include SLA templates, RFP templates and more. Offered by a range of organizations, from professional associations to vendors and publishers, the templates and other materials can help you enter into a sourcing negotiation confidently and reach your goals. Have a look.

Sourcing templates and scorecards

SOURCE: Finpro Shanghai (an association of Finnish companies that presented in China)
OFFERING: A step-by-step guide to setting selection criteria, evaluating candidate companies, requesting and comparing quotations and testing orders.

SOURCE: Strategic Sourcing Europe
OFFERING: Links to three supplier scorecards that will help you measure and monitor your supplier performance, quality and cost.

SOURCE: Ethiosys Inc.
OFFERING: A guide to metrics for measuring the success of your IT outsourcing deal, such as network availability and delivery time, as well as an uptime calculator.

SLA templates

SOURCE: Information Technology Services
OFFERING: A format for assessing vendor responsibilities and procedures, and a measureable description of services being provided.

SOURCE: KnowledgeLeader
OFFERING: A sample template for developing SLAs that addresses file delivery expectations, escalation actions and resources, services hours for problem resolution and more.

OFFERING: A series of essays providing advice on setting outsourcing SLAs, including doing a risk assessment, covering contract disputes and managing the contract after it's signed.

SOURCE: The SLA Toolkit
OFFERING: A partial SLA template for clauses related to quality of service, remedies for breaches, compensation, customer duties and more.

Software outsourcing RFP template

SOURCE: Toolbox for IT
OFFERING: A Google Doc of an RFP addressing technical specifications, engagement governance, project management and more.

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