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Change management strategies: Best in IT Leadership Series

From a new software rollout to business transformation or an M&A, there is one constant: change. Here are lessons from the field on CIOs managing change.

Leading change can be the one of the most difficult aspects of a CIO's job. Doing it effectively requires a combination of soft skills and a concrete plan -- an actual change management strategy to get people to change their work behavior and accept new technologies to do their jobs. Yet it's never easy, and some people don't make the leap.

During the past several years, we have talked to many CIOs about their change management strategies. Through mergers and acquisitions, strategic business change, new system deployments and new leaders, they have worked to enact change at all levels of the organization, both inside and outside IT. Some have made mistakes; all have learned lessons.

So here we bring you their stories as well as some research on what constitutes change management and what leads to change management success. Here's to leading change.

 Mastering the Skills of Change Management
CIOs adept at change management know these initiatives take time and staff members need to be coaxed into change along the way. IT Leadership Academy founder Thornton May surveys 100 CIOs and shares their understanding of the lifecycle of change and the change management process.

 CIO lessons in change management
CIOs from Crayola LLC, Avon Products Inc., Pernod Ricard Americas and Columbia University discuss how they've embraced change, from mergers and acquisitions to IT centralization and more.

 Farm Credit Services Gets Tough Lesson in Change Management
This lending agency brought in a new CIO to bring the firm's technology into the modern age. He learned a lesson about change management the hard way: a user revolt.

 Navigating Change in IT
Three CIOs in four years was one thing; the fourth was another. When the state of Utah finally gave its CIO the power to make changes and mandated a massive centralization effort, change to its 24 agencies began.

 Document Management System Deployment Part of Law Firm's IT Overhaul
Law firm Paul Hastings LLP was operating in the technology dark ages. Bringing users into the 21st century required cutting-edge change management.

 Avoiding IT project failures with a change management strategy
CIOs typically aren't involved in IT project execution, but they do pave the way for success with change management strategies. Here's how.

 FAQ: IT and organizational change management
The CIO has a role in both organizational and IT change management. Learn more about the differences.

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