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Tips to keep your IT job and move along CIO career path in a recession

In this recession, there are many ways to not only keep your IT job but also expand your career options by demonstrating strong leadership and a business focus. Here's our advice.

As the recession continues, IT jobs and CIO careers remain under scrutiny at many organizations. Yet there are many ways to not only keep your IT job but also expand your career options by demonstrating strong leadership and focusing on IT and business alignment like never before. The following resources will help you focus your efforts to continue on your CIO career path and keep up with CIO job trends and IT career success.

 10 ways to keep your IT job in this recession
[Linda Tucci, Senior News Writer]
IT careers are just as vulnerable as other jobs in this recession, but here are some tips to surviving layoffs and staying employed in the downturn.

 Eight qualities of a good leader during a recession
[Rachel Lebeaux, Associate Editor]
These qualities of a leader during a recession show how CIOs can guide their organizations in tough times, making the right IT budget cuts and inspiring employees.

 Managing your career in an economic downturn
[Jean Fuller, Contributor]
Talk of a recession makes everyone a little edgy. But Jean Fuller has a plan to not only help you keep your job, but also learn how to use an economic downturn to your advantage.

 CIO moving more into business, process optimization
[Linda Tucci, Senior News Writer]
The role of the CIO was under the microscope at the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, where industry executives and academics offered scenarios that bring CIOs deeper into the business.

 How has the role of the CIO changed? IRobot's CIO weighs in
[Kristen Caretta, Associate Editor]
In this exclusive video interview with iRobot CIO Jay Leader, learn about his thoughts on Software as a Service, cloud computing and how the role of the CIO has evolved.

 CIO returns from two years as operations SVP ready to drive IT value
[Linda Tucci, Senior News Writer]
After a stint in business operations, CUNA Mutual Group's CIO shares lessons learned, including a sense of urgency to IT. Plus: His six-month rule.

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