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Best practices for managing IT and the recession

IT and the recession will be inextricably linked for the months ahead. Here's how to adjust your IT strategy and lead your IT organization while managing budgets, risk and more.

IT and the recession will go hand in hand for the coming months -- and possibly beyond -- as IT organizations grapple with flat or reduced budgets, fewer resources and increased pressure to deliver return on investment. How can your IT organization hold steady and even thrive in this economic atmosphere? The following five stories from will provide you with guidance on tackling such IT and recession topics as budgets, IT's role, being a good leader, IT transformation and enterprise risk management.

 Eight qualities of a good leader during a recession
[Rachel Lebeaux, Associate Editor]
These qualities of a leader during a recession show how CIOs can guide their organizations in tough times by being a good leader, making the right IT budget cuts and inspiring employees.

 Tips for enhancing IT's role in improving the current economy
[Dean Lane, Contributor]
IT can help improve the current economy by participating in a strategic planning process that includes cutting costs, measuring performance and prioritizing projects.

 As recession deepens, IT transformation best tackled in chunks
[Linda Tucci, Senior News Writer]
Transformative IT will enable companies to emerge from the recession ready to compete, gurus say. But big projects, it seems, are best taken in chunks these days.

 Balanced Scorecard founder: In recession, think risk management
[Christina Torode, Senior News Writer]
Risk management is among the key performance indicators to measure for strategic success, says Robert Kaplan, co-developer of the Balanced Scorecard methodology.

  Economic downturn hits IT budgets
[Mark Schlack, Vice President, Editorial]'s comprehensive survey of IT spending plans for 2009 shows that the recession is taking a bite out of IT budgets, particularly for hardware purchases. Security and compliance spending is up, and the focus on business intelligence continues.

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