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Looking forward: Trends in IT management and budgeting for 2009

Budgeting, cost saving, corporate restructuring -- find out what IT trends enterprise CIOs should follow as we start 2009.

The new year is upon us, and enterprise CIOs are zeroing in on trends in IT management and budgeting for 2009. To be sure, 2008 -- particularly the latter half -- brought a good deal of bad news for IT organizations, and for the business world in general. As we begin 2009, CIOs should consider cost-cutting measures, corporate restructuring changes, hiring strategies, business model shifts and other tactics for riding out the recession. has been closely following these trends in IT management and budgeting. The following series of stories will help your organization plan for 2009 -- and beyond.

 Economic downturn will hurt IT hiring in 2009
A new survey shows fewer jobs, the possibility of layoffs, a flattening of salaries and a rise in the number of qualified IT job applicants ahead.

 Survey: Economy puts nonessential IT projects on back burner
A survey finds nearly half of respondents don't expect information technology budgets to increase in 2009 and have put nonessential projects on the back burner as economic conditions worsen.

 Shifting IT business models in time of economic crisis
For CIOs who already budget lean, here are four more places to save. You can stop some projects, reduce service levels, increase levels of risk and, yeah, move to the cloud.

 IT and the recession: Focus on business strategy, smaller projects
Forrester says in recession times, CIOs should look for smaller projects with faster paybacks. Tight alignment with business strategy is more important.

 Adjusting your IT budget in a volatile economy
Most CIOs are still using traditional financial models that are not well-suited to a volatile business environment, let alone a global recession.

 Gartner: Restructuring top concern for CEOs in 2009
Predicting what's going to happen with the economy is a fool's game, but you can be sure of one thing: Your CEO is thinking worst-case scenario.

 How the SEC's proposed IFRS will affect your accounting systems
As the Securities and Exchange Commission looks to replace Generally Accepted Accounting Principals with the International Financial Reporting Standards, CIOs should evaluate the effects on financial data and application architecture now.

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