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2008 top 10 technology articles: Social media, Vista, IT salaries

Our top 10 most-read articles cover Microsoft, smartphones, careers and more.

From Microsoft licensing mix-ups to mobile communication milestones, our articles on trends, how-tos, what-not-to-dos and what-to-do-if-this-happens-to-you topped the charts in 2008. Whether you caught them as we posted them and shared them via Twitter or are just getting caught up now, here's what your peers found most compelling this year, per the objective analysis of our Web traffic meter.

In no particular order, our list of 2008's top 10 technology articles:

 Windows Vista: Just skip the thing?
Love it or hate it, eventually midmarket companies will have to migrate to Vista.

 MS software licensing, IT auditing tricky business
For one CTO, Microsoft client access licenses were inadvertently corrupted overnight (apparently by Microsoft), halting company production for five hours. Could it happen to you?

 Desk phone inching off desk, toward trash
Desk phones will probably disappear, but not before IT staffs are more comfortable with the replacement technology.

 Smartphone envy creates chaos for CIOs
Everybody (including your CEO) wants an iPhone. But caving in to technology envy could put your IT department in peril. Why (and where) some CIOs draw the line.

 BlackBerry boss lacks tact in the art of fessing up
Research In Motion president Mike Lazaridis can prepare answers. But is he prepared for Microsoft and Apple?

 Google Apps pain or pleasure for CIOs?
Google Apps Team Edition is so tempting you could measure the time it'll take your employees to get hooked on it with an egg timer. You can wrestle users over it, if you're so inclined, but best to embrace it instead.

 Midmarket slow to adopt ITIL version 3
ITIL version 3 was released with much fanfare, but the midmarket has been slow to adopt it. Many CIOs are turned off by the complexity of this latest version.

 Software audit painful and costly for the noncompliant
Dynamic Systems Inc. CIO Will McManus learned about software license audits the hard way. He was audited -- twice.

 Managing your career in an economic downturn
Talk of a recession makes everyone a little edgy. But career expert Jean Fuller has a five-step plan to not only help you keep your job, but also learn how to use an economic downturn to your advantage.

 IT salary survey surprise: CIOs, managers optimistic, despite economy
Earlier this year, we found that CIOs and IT managers were still making six-figure salaries -- and they were confident about future job security.

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