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Top five tips for CIO strategic planning

Strategic planning for enterprise CIOs takes on even more importance in an unsteady economy. Here are five tips for doing it properly.

Strategic planning for your IT organization is a vital process, particularly in an unsteady economy that threatens to loom large in 2009 and likely beyond. More than ever before, money, time and patience are at a premium, and properly assessing organizational goals and specific methods for achieving them should be a top priority for enterprise CIOs.

The following five stories from are aimed at improving your strategic-planning program:

 JetBlue's new IT chief relentless on meeting business goals
[Linda Tucci, Senior News Writer]
A project management office, off-the-shelf technology and a relentless focus on your company's strategy will help make you a leader among business executives, JetBlue's Joe Eng says.

 Gartner: Restructuring top concern for CEOs in 2009
[Linda Tucci, Senior News Writer]
Predicting what's going to happen with the economy is a fool's game, but you can be sure of one thing: Your CEO is thinking worst-case scenario.

 Forrester: 10 mistakes that will sink a strategic plan
[Linda Tucci, Senior News Writer]
A good IT strategic plan addresses real needs that stakeholders can see and understand. Here are 10 things not to do.

 Escaping the shackles of static IT mentality
[Linda Tucci, Senior News Writer]
Futurist Tom Koulopoulos gives CIOs and CEOs a primer on how to innovate.

 Business innovation in five (not-so-easy) steps
[Linda Tucci, Senior News Writer]
Get past the clichés and on to business innovation by taking five practical steps from a Forrester Research analyst report.

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