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Five Web 2.0 tips for enterprise CIOs

Web 2.0 innovations are changing the way large organizations do business. Find out how to leverage social networking, blogs and wikis within your firm with these Web 2.0 tips.

As Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, blogs, wikis and other forms of social networking and give-and-take online media evolve, so, too, do their applications in the business world. Understanding the inherent values -- and perils -- of these emerging tools will be essential to your organization's ongoing success and relevance to your clients. is following these developments closely with our typical mix of news, analysis and wit. Read on for our top five stories on Web 2.0.

 Enterprise 2.0 finds its place in big business
[Linda Tucci, Senior News Writer]
Blogs, wikis and social networks may be changing the world, but they won't happen at your company without a business case.

 IT pros find a place online to broker services
[Linda Tucci, Senior News Writer]
Where the jobs are: An online marketplace of buyers and providers of IT services offers an interesting wrinkle on outsourcing -- and some data on worker capacity in U.S. cities and states.

 Software taps into the zeitgeist to predict the future
[Linda Tucci, Senior News Writer]
Move over, wikis. Companies are using predictions markets to get a read on what they think about business outcomes and how often they're right.

 Managing online reputation growing problem for businesses
[Shamus McGillicuddy, News Writer]
Millions of voices on the Internet have the power to trash your brand, your products and your stock price. Googling your name won't save you.

 Facebook's professional potential evolves
[Kate Evans-Correia, Executive Editor] With 52 friends and counting, my Facebook challenge has taken over my life (don't tell my editor). But a lot of us are still wondering: Can I really use Facebook in business? My answer? Why not?

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