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IT in 2008: A peek at pressing issues

Here's a list you may not have thought to check twice: Our top news stories of December.

It's almost obligatory at this time of year for analysts to come up with a spin on the year in review and predictions about what's ahead. Typically, it gives us little more than fodder on slow news days, but this year's stories will affect how you think, hire, plan and buy in 2008, and are worth a second read.

Internet to get tapped out? One research firms warns that without aggressive infrastructure investment, the Internet could experience serious capacity problems as early as two years from now -- and that spells real problems for midmarket CIOs.

   Internet not growing fast enough, researchers say

Hardware upgrades fuel spending. Midmarket firms put a good chunk of their budgets toward new hardware -- mostly network and storage. Next year? Experts predict blades and virtualization will take up the charge.

   Hardware upgrades fuel spending in 2007

Security challenges abound. The new year promises its fair share of security threats for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Here's a preview of the coming 12 months and the security challenges awaiting SMBs.

   Security outlook challenging for SMBs in 2008

Midmarket companies to make virtualization work for them. Virtualization may well be the hottest trend in IT in 2008. Learn which markets and technologies will benefit most from virtualization in the new year.

   Virtualization ready to heat up in 2008

Vendors, squeezed by margins, force shift in how and what the midmarket buys. Gartner identifies five industry trends that will affect how you buy storage services in 2008 and beyond.

   Gartner: Five trends that will change how you buy storage

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