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Top 10 reasons to give thanks you're in IT

Talk turkey all you want tomorrow. Today, it's time to give thanks that you work in IT.

In the dog-eat-dog world of IT, it's not easy to step back and think about things for which we should be grateful. So we came up with a list, given the news of the past year, to reflect on why it's good to be in IT.

  1. You probably got a bigger raise this year, than last.
  2. Your company hasn't had a major security breach -- yet.
  3. You're not afraid of social networking sites.
  4. You know how to cut down on Internet abuse.
  5. You can still justify your outsourcing strategy.
  6. Your company hasn't been sued for age discrimination.
  7. You didn't go to jail.
  8. Your CFO likes you, she really likes you.
  9. Recession, what recession?
  10. Sometimes it pays to be underpaid.

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