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Ten tactics for a happy new year

Gartner tells CIOs how to look good next year -- and keep CEOs in good spirits.

All years are not created equal. Some years, like 2008, are slated for economic confidence and business initiatives, due to things like Olympic Games and presidential elections.

That means 2006 is the year CIOs have to start planning for what Gartner Inc. calls "major innovation deliveries" two years down the road. A glimpse of Stamford, Conn.-based Gartner's latest CIO research, "CIO resolutions for 2006," prepared by analysts Mark Raskino and John Mahoney, shows a challenging year ahead.

In 2006, businesses will be caught between opposing forces -- an unpredictable economy and a surge in innovation with emerging technologies, according to Gartner. IT managers have to gear up for big projects -- while containing costs and proceeding with caution. CIOs cannot ignore the significance of costs and risks in 2006.

But they do need a new to-do list for the coming year. Gartner broke their Top 10 list down into three categories to help CIOs get started.

Choose 2006 tactics towards a 2008 strategy

  1. Educate your business about the second Internet revolution. The power of the Internet can disrupt or threaten business processes -- and also offer new opportunities for revenue and growth.
  2. Set some "do not migrate" orders in advance.
  3. Target 2008 for major innovation delivery.
  4. Insist on agility -- in the heart of the organization

  5. Get yourself and your team ready for your next jobs.
  6. Start a significant "software as a service" implementation as a trial.
  7. Organize your merger and acquisition capability.
  8. Push beyond 2005 comfort zones

  9. Revisit capitalization with your CFO.
  10. Build your brand and your team identity.
  11. Refresh your meetings with your CEO.
  12. Check out some 2006 "hot" technologies.
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