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A sys admin's OSS list

An inside look at how one IT manager is using open source software.

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Our small business has been using open source software since our inception. Many of our workstations are Windows and Mac-based, but all our public servers have been Linux-based. Many of us use the Mozilla Firefox browser on our Microsoft Windows machines as an alternative to Microsoft Internet Exploiter. My job as systems administrator, here, requires my evaluation of many open source products.

I use Webmin for system administration, though a majority of configuration is still performed in text-file configurations from the command prompt.

Our Web servers are Apache. I use sendmail, MailScanner and SpamAssassin for our mail servers along with the ClamAV anti-virus engine.

For database applications, we use MySQL and SAPDB. We use MySQL for speed and efficient use of CPU and memory. We use SAPDB for larger, more complex databases. Our developers use The Apache Foundation's Jakarta-Tomcat Java server for web applications we design for ourselves and our clients.

We use Timesheet by JourneyX for tracking time on projects. We also use OpenOffice on some machines where Microsoft Office licensing has fallen through the cracks.

We also use Jabber IM for internal instant messaging. No connections to outside IM servers are allowed, though they are possible, keeping communication internal and real-time.

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