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Mommy's little plaintiff -- kid sues welcher mom over PC

A case in Hong Kong is a prime example of why you should never ever let your kids watch judges Judy or Wapner.

Next time you promise your kid something, you might want to make sure it's a promise you can deliver on. Unless you want a bumper sticker that says, "My kid is a plaintiff in small claims court."

A mother in Hong Kong learned this lesson the hard way. Her son sued her for breaking a promise to buy him a computer if he did well in school.

The original agreement stipulated that if his grades averaged 94% or above, she would buy him a PC. Apparently, she did not think he would succeed.

When the 11-year-old shattered the goal by achieving a 97% average, his mom reneged, explaining that she couldn't afford the new learning tool.

The boy, from Xingzheng, Henan province, had also been helping his parents run their small business, (and maybe even watching a little Judge Judy?) and knew a thing or two on how the court system settles disputes. So he asked a judge to make his mother live up to the verbal agreement.

In the end, the judge convinced the mother and son to reconcile, although it's not known if the kid got his PC.

You can bet he won't be getting dessert for at least a year. And Cartoon Network? Forget it!

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