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User response F to "From the Editor: Is life getting better for American IT workers?"

Read one user's reaction to a recent note from the editor.

I hope you are right, but that has not been my experience.

I am a twenty-five year plus mainframe systems consultant, proficient in all areas, most recently concentrating in Medicaid systems. The fiscal agents arena are dominated by a handful of companies that have turned almost exclusively to Indian offshoring. These are tax payers dollars [and] they've gone one step farther -- they have set up a three tier arrangement. They provide a staff in the U.S. to train on-site Indians, who in turn manage and communicate to the offshore workers. The quality of their work is atrocious, but they bring it back to the U.S. to be fixed by people like me.

I currently work at a fiscal agent organization, and the staff consist of 50 - 60% Indians. I am working 560 miles from home, [which means] additional housing expenses, [for] 55% of my normal rate and with doubled responsibility.

These are tax payer dollars and we need fundamental change.

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