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From the Editor: Is life getting better for American IT workers?

Read the editor's note that sparked a debate of a future IT "hiring frenzy."

The saga of the offshore outsourcing debate continues, but this time it might turn in favor of the American IT professional.

I recently received an e-mail from a user who described her experiences working for three companies that are outsourcing or have outsourced. One company's attempt failed within six months and her experience with the other two "has been that these resources are not very well trained in proper standards and lack experience. Neither company is getting the same quality of work that they get from their onshore resources."

She predicts that "the offshore outsourcing craze will backfire and companies will be forced to hire back employees in order to restore their prior service levels. I wouldn't be surprised to see a hiring frenzy similar to Y2K where anyone who can spell COBOL will be hired and salaries will soar again."

If she's right, this is relatively good news for U.S. IT professionals. A recent news story announced that the tech sector gained more than 13,000 jobs in August. Could this be the start of the "hiring frenzy"? It's too soon to say, especially because of another recent story.

The Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) conducted a survey and found that companies plan to hire about 230,000 people this year -- less than half as many as last year. The ITAA says competition from overseas is keeping the market from being the one American IT workers were hoping for.

Do you think the above mentioned user is right in her prediction? Have your experiences with companies who outsource differ from hers? Let me know.

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