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WITI: Career Building and Carb Counting? - (your career)

One of the missions of Women in Technology International (WITI) is transforming "media and corporate perceptions of women" ( To that end, the for-profit professional networking organization's Web site includes the WITI Hall of Fame, which features women like NASA astronaut Bonnie Dunbar. But the site also offers information more reminiscent of iVillage than Consider its carb-counting tips from a popular WITI columnist or its Online Mall, which allows users to browse for the latest travel accessories, among other items.

"We did a survey, and 100% of them said they like to see health-[related] content," says David Leighton, son of WITI founder and President Carolyn Leighton, in defense of the features. "And this year, we're launching a WITI line of laptop bags." OK, but no WITI stilettos, right?


Ellen O'Brien, a former senior editor at CIO Decisions, is now a senior editor at Storage magazine. Write to her at

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