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To: Email Addicts; Subject: Cures for a BlackBerry Hangover

Email overload? Get five tips to help you get a handle on your email addiction.

It seems as though email has been around forever, but email addicts are only now getting the attention they deserve. While BlackBerrys and other handhelds enable users, email can also make life less manageable.

For help, we checked out Egan Email Solutions, whose leader, Marsha Egan, consults with companies on how to use but not abuse email. Some tips -- such as setting aside time to read email -- are simple yet also difficult. The first step is admitting that you need help. Here are five others:

  1. Manage email with rules. You can apply rules so email drops automatically into a folder.
  2. Use the preview pane. This function allows you to see an email's content without double-clicking on the message.
  3. Don't double up. Address only one subject per email.
  4. Empty your inbox. Once a month, spend no more than an hour cleaning out your inbox.
  5. A two-minute warning. Respond immediately to email messages that take less than two minutes to address. For responses that would take more time, drop these messages into one of your email folders, which should be organized by topic.
This was last published in April 2007

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