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This Is Your Brain on a Blog - (on the job)

CIO and Associate Dean Deirdre Woods has the job of creating an IT team that meets the high standards of the Wharton School, the University of Pennsylvania's world-class (and the world's oldest) collegiate business school.

To that end, Wharton's IT blog -- where any member of the 100-person staff can log comments that range from the mundane to the sublime -- is aptly named Brainstorm. Some popular topics sound like an MBA course title -- "How to Turn Ideas Into Tangible Outcomes" -- and others focus on such pressing issues as laptop security and the perils of rolling out instant messaging across campus. Since universities are often the testing ground for cutting-edge ideas, the blog is a way to keep everyone up to date and to encourage creativity -- as well as stay one step ahead of the best and brightest minds.

"I try to get people to realize this is what the school expects us to do," Woods says. Right now, the hot list of new ideas is growing so quickly that a recent entry suggests a way for researching them until they are like Wharton applicants: accepted or rejected.

Anne McCrory is editorial director of CIO Decisions and the CIO Decisions conference. Write to her at

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