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The 10 Technologies to Watch

Gartner Inc. analysts Carl Claunch and David Cearley predict that these technologies will offer value in the next 18 to 36 months:

1. Virtualization. Leveraging infrastructure you already own is now essential.

2. Grid computing. Big companies like Sony are signing on.

3. Service-oriented business applications. This software is built on service-oriented architecture and incorporates Web services standards.

4. Pervasive computing. Network devices embedded in the environment with unobtrusive, 24/7 connectivity.

5. Organic light-emitting diode and light-emitting polymer technologies. They may revolutionize monitors.

6. Location-aware services. Radio frequency identification tags will cost 20 cents apiece by 2009.

7. Linux -- for important applications.

8. Desktop search tools. Google has one, and Microsoft is building one into future versions of its operating system.

9. Microcommerce. Finally, micropayments are viable.

10. Instant messaging. IM isn't new, but it's displacing other technologies, such as Voice over Internet Protocol.

Anne McCrory is editorial director of CIO Decisions and the CIO Decisions conference. Write to her at

This was last published in January 2006

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