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Six Tips for IT Managers Looking at Offshore Outsourcing

Gartner Inc. Vice President and Research Director Ian Marriott offers these six maxims for IT managers involved in offshore outsourcing:
  1. Find an internal, executive sponsor.
    Every organization has naysayers. An executive who's on your side will "kick down doors" and help keep people motivated and focused.
  2. Establish a governance structure.
    Create a steering committee for strategic decisions and a project management office for day-to-day issues. Appoint a chief resource officer to ensure the best mix of skills.
  3. Identify the decision makers and stakeholders.
    They may not be the same people. Some will be against the project. A successful executive sponsor will keep all sides informed.
  4. Visit your new partner and its host country.
    Travel and look around. Acting like a tourist even for a little while will help you understand the culture you'll be working with.
  5. Set employee policies.
    HR will need to know how many employees are going to be redeployed, transferred -- or let go.
  6. Communicate clearly.
    Speaking with clarity to everyone involved is the most important factor.

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