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Do the CIO and CFO Disagree on Technology Value?

A report prepared by CFO Research Services and SearchCIO, in collaboration with Cisco Systems, on technology value.

Do the CIO and CFO Disagree on Technology Value?

Should the CFO always allow the IT organization to innovate and experiment?
Should every IT investment have an ROI?

382 senior finance executives and 300 senior IT executives responded.

Download the results to learn:

-- What the CFO wants to see from investments
-- Which top technologies the CIO and CFO agree will be most important for business success in the next three years
-- Why CIOs take issue with the CFO's definition of ROI when applied to technology investments
-- Why CFOs may have a hard time convincing their IT counterparts of their good intentions
-- Opinions from leading CIOs and CFOs on how technology supports business strategy and generates value
-- And much more

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