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Off the Cuff With WD-40 Co.'s VP of IT

Bob Hoagland

AGE: 47 (the average age at WD-40)

TITLE: Vice President, Information Technology

COMPANY: WD-40 Co., San Diego

ANNUAL REVENUE: $242 million

INDUSTRY SECTOR: Consumer products

TIME IN JOB: 9.5 years

BEST ADVICE EVER RECEIVED: Care about your customers, but don't worry about them.

BEST TECHNOLOGY DECISION: Consolidating our voice and data with a single vendor

BEST PERSONALITY TRAITS: I like to think I'm a good listener.

WORST PERSONALITY TRAITS: Jumping to conclusions

BIGGEST CAREER INFLUENCE: I've made my career based on people I've worked for and taught myself how not to be, at least in terms of management.

FAVORITE HOBBY WHEN NOT WORKING: Restoring antique vehicles. I drive a 1950s station wagon.

FAVORITE GUILTY PLEASURE: Searching for car parks on eBay. All these old cars -- they break all the time.

HOLIDAY WISH LIST FOR WORK: Time off for the IT staff during the annual Christmas shutdown.

HOLIDAY WISH LIST FOR HOME: A portable DVD player (the "argument eliminator").

FAVORITE QUOTE: "Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire." -- Fred Shero

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