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Off the Cuff With Social & Scientific Systems' CTO

The senior vice president and CTO at Social & Scientific Systems Inc. speaks off the cuff.

Chuck Kramer

AGE: 44

TITLE: Senior vice president and chief technology officer

COMPANY: Social & Scientific Systems Inc., Silver Spring, Md.

ANNUAL REVENUE: $120 million

INDUSTRY SECTOR: Health care, fighting HIV/AIDS and other diseases

TIME IN JOB: Will be 20 years in October

FAVORITE QUOTE: "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." -- Albert Einstein


WORST TRAIT: Taking things too seriously

FAVORITE GUILTY PLEASURE: Blackjack and trivia contests

TECHNOLOGY YOU COULDN'T LIVE WITHOUT: My PDA. It's really made me more effective and saved me many trips to and from the hardware store.

MOST CHALLENGING TASK AS CIO: Implementing technology in a way that reinforces our corporate culture -- not just the work.

WORST ADVICE EVER RECEIVED: "Technology stocks are just taking a rest; they are a very safe investment." (from my broker in late-2001)

BEST CIO DECISION: Implementing a unified messaging system

WORST CIO DECISION: Not having a mobile communications strategy

MOST IMPORTANT IT PROJECT THIS YEAR: Our "one-company virtual office environment," which is eliminating barriers to communications and collaboration across the company. It's a main goal in our strategic plan.

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