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Going From Tape-Based Storage to a Disk Storage System

W.A. Wilde CIO Robert Reeder recently replaced the direct mail marketing company's tape-based storage system with a disk storage system. He discussed the change for the $51 million Holliston, Mass.-based company:

What was wrong with the old system?
I was using tape, and it made me nervous. It's like when I go to use my VCR at home, and I'm not sure if the coding on the tape has oxidized. Tape is very sensitive to decay and the elements. I'm not a fan of tape. It was invented by Edison! It's like saying my next computer is going to run off vacuum tubes.

What were your other options?
Buying different solutions and integrating them. We wanted to centralize our storage. We already have an EMC storage device. We have a lot of data that we want archived and protected. With this data, we didn't need the performance of an EMC.

Why did you choose ExaGrid?
In the ExaGrid system, there is ILM [Information Lifecycle Management]. It allows you to move old files so they are not using valuable storage space. With ILM we can assign value to the data that we really need to archive. It helps us to separate the active from the inactive data.

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