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Get a Load of This Baggage: Moving a Server Proves Challenging

For J.S. (Steve) Baskerville, director of IT for Spirit Cruises LLC, moving a server from headquarters to one of his remote sales offices seemed like such a simple thing to do that he attempted to do it himself.

As the $50 million entertainment and dining cruise company was growing, Baskerville was trying to save money, so he flew up to Boston from Richmond, Va., and met up with an old Altos 486 Unix box that he had sent as air cargo on an earlier flight. But when Baskerville went to pick up the server from the cargo area, the clerk told him the server was shipped as luggage and redirected him to the baggage claim. "I got to baggage claim, and there was the server, tumbling end-over-end on the conveyor belt," Baskerville laughs. Lifting the incredibly heavy box off the belt was no easy task, either. "These types of boxes weren't made out of lightweight plastic like they are today," he notes.

But the story doesn't end there. Once he managed to haul the box onto a luggage cart, he headed to the car rental desk to pick up his reserved van. But van? What van? The rental agent told him the only large vehicle available was a Lincoln Town Car. So Baskerville tied the server into the trunk of the Town Car and drove it to his Boston data center. "And the best part? Once we lugged it into the office at midnight, we plugged it in," he says, "and there was no data loss."

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