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Free Up Some Memory With Mandylion Password Manager

Mandylion Password Manager can take up where your memory leaves off.

When it's time to reset your password, do you resort to the name of a favorite pet or recycle familiar names you'll remember? Well, security experts don't recommend that strategy, but CIOs, after all, are only human. Despite top-notch training, many don't like having to manage dozens of passwords depending on system, location and policy settings.

That's where the Mandylion Password Manager comes in. Tested and developed by the U.S. military, the device is designed to manage up to 50 login records simultaneously, generate cryptographically strong passwords, comply with standard policies, and manage group passwords. It even lets you know when someone attempts to access one of these systems with your username. Finally, it prompts you when it's time to change your password.

The key-ring device is all stored on permanent memory so you don't have to worry about charging it. But there's something you do need to remember to access the data: a password. At $49.99, the Password Manager can save you from serious hassle when your memory fails.

Ellen O'Brien, a former senior editor at CIO Decisions, is now a senior editor at Storage magazine. Write to her at

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