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Editor's Letter: More Technology Trends, Features Coverage on Tap

Let's Make a Resolution

It's January, and as we're crawling back to our desks after what I hope was a hearty holiday season, let's all write down one thing we want to do this year. (These days, what I don't write, I don't remember.) Mine says: Connect with customers (you).

As you may have noticed, this is my first editor's letter. I'm starting the new year not just with a resolution but with a promotion. I have the tough job of following our founding editor in chief, Maryfran Johnson, in leading this magazine and our events. So that's one reason for my commitment to hearing you: It's been part of our formula for success since we launched CIO Decisions in April 2005. And as any business person knows, listening to your customers is the single most important thing you can do. They will tell you what they need. If you work together as partners, you will both succeed.

So this month, and throughout the year, we'll be launching new features in response to our most recent reader research and in collaboration with our new 2007 advisory board. This issue, we launch our expanded careers coverage, which begins in our ever-popular Update section with two pages of items. These range from How Did You Get That Job? to the new Ask the Career Counselors, an ask-the-experts column of career advice (feel free to send questions to

Our careers content continues with a new monthly column, Executive Coach, on the softer side of management, those skills that don't come naturally to some of us but are requisite for good leadership. This month, columnist Angie O'Donnell explores what she calls EQ for IT, the "emotional quotient" that IT managers need.

You also asked for more coverage of important technology trends. So we're including more of that in our Update section and increasing the number of in-depth stories we write about technology. This month, we bring you "Sold on SOA," because service-oriented architecture is about to take off in the midmarket in a big way. Then we delve into the tools and practices for monitoring and containing employee Web use in "Look Who's Watching". A key finding in the piece: Monitoring usage or blocking Web sites isn't just about liability anymore; it's mostly about securing networks.

This month we're also sharing some of our exclusive reader research so you can benchmark your spending priorities for 2007 with your midmarket peers ("Spending 2007").

Online we'll be bringing you more as well. Many of our technology features will be part of expanded online projects, such as "supercasts," which add a webcast, podcast and additional articles to the magazine piece, accessible through a single Web page, and Executive Guides, which aggregate a wealth of content on one topic. To access this content easily, look for these monikers and our Clickthru logo throughout the magazine.

Finally, we're working to bring you more opportunities to interact with us and your peers. In addition to our 2007 CIO Decisions Conference June 11-13 at the La Costa Resort outside San Diego, we're launching our first blog this month on our sister site,, the more technically focused of our two sites. And please, don't be shy or modest; write to us anytime at or to me at my address below. We want to meet you and hear what you're up to.

Happy new year, partner.

Anne McCrory is editorial director of CIO Decisions and the CIO Decisions conference. Write to her at

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