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Editor's Letter: In Celebration of Midmarket IT Success

CIO Decisions celebrates midmarket IT success.

Triumphant. If I had to define our Midmarket IT Leadership Award winners in one word, that would be it. Representing 13 industries and covering 19 states and Canadian provinces, our winners met incredible business challenges with innovation, team building and technology.

Take Phil Chuang, who has helped Alameda, Calif.-based Telecare Corp. more than quadruple the number of mental health care facilities it opens in a year. He created a template for outfitting new centers with IT and instituted training to make sure it is used effectively. Or Linda Chan, who took the different enterprise resource planning systems inherited from a dozen mergers and replaced them with SAP. The result: reduced time to market and shortened delivery times for her company, Veeco Instruments, in Woodbury, N.Y.

Then there is global centralization, which Bill Johnson of Huntsville, Ala.-based Intergraph Corp. achieved in part through the creation of a program management office and a direction and control office, which manages all IT budgeting and strategic IT planning worldwide.

These are just a few of the projects that brought these IT executives into the 2007 winner's circle, and you'll find many more in our story "25 Champion CIOs." How do they do it? By surrounding themselves with people smarter than they are. By serving as the guiding hand for the business as they replace an entire IT infrastructure. By building a culture of collaboration. And by pushing employees with stretch assignments and sending them out into the field to reinforce the vision of the company and of IT.

All of our 160 applicants -- and those of you who share your stories with us every day -- showed just how prevalent success is in the midmarket today. In fact, I write this letter fresh from our fourth annual CIO Decisions Conference, where I had the pleasure of meeting more than 200 of you and learning about your projects and plans face to face. As ever, I am impressed with your energy, your fortitude and your ability to move the business needle one process or technology at a time. So please join me in congratulating your colleagues featured in this issue. Then email me about your successes so I can ensure our magazine continues to celebrate IT triumph every month of the year.

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