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BioPassword Inc. Offers Biometrics Without the Bio

So you like the idea of biometrics for the guaranteed uniqueness of user IDs but don't want to impose retinal scans or fingerprinting on your company's ranks? Here's a less intrusive but equally unique personal identifier: your typing style.

Software from BioPassword Inc. records users' so-called keyboard dynamics, which then authenticate the typist upon login (see One CIO we know deployed it so that employees could access the company's thin-client network from any browser without cumbersome security measures like tokens (or DNA samples). Now that's a solution even a card-carrying member of the ACLU could love.

Anne McCrory is editorial director of CIO Decisions and the CIO Decisions conference. Write to her at

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Thank you for the article Anne. Just a quick note to let you know that retinal scanning was probably not the biometric modality you meant to reference, but instead probably are referring to iris scanning. It may not seem that important, but for those of us entrenched in the industry trying to help educate the public on biometrics and how they work are particularly diligent to differentiate modalities so folks can understand their practical applications. Thanks again for covering this story!