• September 27, 2018 27 Sep'18

    6 best practices for IT pros when building a chatbot

    There's a lot to consider when building a chatbot. Beerud Sheth, co-founder and CEO of Gupshup, broke down six best practices for IT pros at the Global AI Conference in Boston.

  • September 26, 2018 26 Sep'18

    Power of AI, limitations of AI in focus at Global AI conference

    What's the difference between human and artificial intelligence? At the Global AI conference in Boston, opening day featured tech experts parsing the power of AI and the limitations of AI.

  • September 26, 2018 26 Sep'18

    AI models could help companies overcome human bias

    Human bias can be coded into AI models, but can AI models help remove human bias? Two companies make the case.

  • September 26, 2018 26 Sep'18

    AI companies come in three flavors, says AI investor

    Venture capitalists who spoke in a panel discussion at the recent Emotion AI Summit in Boston tended to refer to AI companies as being either vertical, or industry specific, or horizontal, serving ...

  • September 26, 2018 26 Sep'18

    Blockchain in media: The AP explores a blockchain use case

    The use of blockchain in media gathered steam with the AP's announcement that it is exploring distributed ledger technology to track content and enforce licensing contracts.

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    • Want Engaged and Inspired Employees? Give Them the Digital Workspace of Their Dreams

      In the past couple of months, there has been a lot of discussion about improving the employee experience, with the recognition that employee engagement is a necessary precursor to an improved customer experience. Sir Richard Branson stated the need to do this quite clearly: “It sort of should go without saying—and it's surprising that it still doesn't go without saying at some companies—if the person who works at your company is 100% proud of the job they're doing, if you give them the tools to do a good job, they're proud of the brand, if they were looked after, if they're treated well, then they're going to be smiling, they're going to be happy, and therefore the customer will have a nice experience.” See More

    • Three Tenets of Security Protection for State and Local Government and Education (SLED)

      Security is the utmost priority for IT decision-makers in state and local government and education. Government agencies, schools and citizens are frequent, highly visible targets for cybercriminals, and their systems contain personal data that is extremely valuable on the Dark Web, such as Social Security numbers. See More

    • Deploying a Digital Workspace? Three Critical Capabilities to Look For

      Adoption of digital workspace technology is growing at a rapid pace. Digital workspace deployment growth is well over 20% per year, according to a report by MarketsandMarkets. As organizations evaluate and choose the platform that will provide critical support to employees and users, making the right decision is imperative. See More

    • Exploring AI Use Cases Across Education and Government

      Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform how public sector and educational institutions operate, innovate and serve the needs of their constituents. When used strategically, AI can enable greater efficiencies, eliminate silos, strengthen cybersecurity and help organizations unlock the value of their data. See More

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  • September 17, 2018 17 Sep'18

    Blockchain solutions -- and disruption -- pondered at EmTech 2018

    The gathering at EmTech 2018 explored whether blockchain solutions could give the world a new model of trust. What seemed certain: Blockchain disruption is happening now.

  • September 14, 2018 14 Sep'18

    Startup accelerator The Engine tackles 'tough tech'

    Investment dollars continue to flow heavily into tech startups, but the majority of bets are placed on technology products -- mostly consumer apps -- that could pay dividends in three to five ...

  • September 14, 2018 14 Sep'18

    What's in it for the enterprise at 2018 Apple event? Apple Watch, AR

    The 2018 Apple event may not have wowed on the smartphone front, but the new Watch Series 4, with a built-in ECG, could be a hit in the C-suite and a life saver for remote workers.

  • September 13, 2018 13 Sep'18

    Machine intelligence could benefit from child's play

    Advances in AI have spurred high interest in the technology, but the road to making machines intelligent remains a long one, said MIT's Josh Tenenbaum at the EmTech conference.

  • September 13, 2018 13 Sep'18

    Federal privacy regulations usher in the age of tech lawmakers

    Big tech and privacy advocates are lobbying for dramatically different federal data privacy rights. CIOs should pay attention to whom -- and what -- the legislation seeks to regulate.

  • September 07, 2018 07 Sep'18

    Multi-cloud strategy: Determine the right cloud for your workloads

    Businesses typically deploy a multi-cloud strategy to gain more agility, flexibility and choice, but Ed Featherston's advice for CIOs taking their first foray into the cloud is to pick one provider ...

  • September 07, 2018 07 Sep'18

    3 secret virtues of a great IT practitioner

    At Gartner Catalyst, Gartner's Danny Brian explained why great IT practitioners are lazy, impatient and hubristic.

  • August 31, 2018 31 Aug'18

    AI and automation will need more than a great user experience

    CIOs are often inundated with vendor promises of a user experience so superb, they won't need to fret about employee training. But CIOs should be skeptical when they hear promises like these, ...

  • August 31, 2018 31 Aug'18

    Success with automation and AI requires a high 'RQ'

    CIOs should assess their 'robotics quotient,' a Forrester Research construct that measures how ready organizations are to introduce automation and AI technologies successfully.

  • August 31, 2018 31 Aug'18

    A look inside MX's flat organizational structure

    At Gartner Catalyst 2018, analysts highlighted digital banking platform company MX's flat organizational structure as a model for IT pros to pull from when driving cultural change at their companies.