• August 25, 2017 25 Aug'17

    Information security market to grow; Walmart finds an ally in Google

    With cyberattacks increasing in sophistication and data privacy laws such as the European General Data Protection Regulation set to go into effect in 2018, organizations should expect to see ...

  • August 25, 2017 25 Aug'17

    A call for democratizing AI from IBM Watson's chief architect

    IBM Watson's Ruchir Puri highlights the need for democratizing AI and explains how the Watson platform is evolving in this SearchCIO video interview.

  • August 23, 2017 23 Aug'17

    A CIO vision of 'indiscriminate computing'

    In the future, IT infrastructure will be so seamless, the business won't even know it's there. That's the CIO vision of David Giambruno.

  • August 22, 2017 22 Aug'17

    AWS, Azure tie for top spot in 2017 Gartner ranking

    The stellar scores of the top two cloud providers in this year's Gartner ranking reflect tremendous innovation, says analyst Elias Khnaser.

  • August 18, 2017 18 Aug'17

    Oligopoly forms amid SaaS market consolidation

    Large application vendors have essentially cornered the cloud CRM market, Forrester says, bringing more risks than rewards. But that doesn't mean CIOs should keep from the cloud.

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    • Why the Citrix-Microsoft Relationship Will Enhance Digital Workspace Solutions for Customers

      One of the most important megatrends impacting IT organizations is the move to fewer, more comprehensive technology platforms for delivering critical components of IT infrastructure. This makes perfect sense, as it frees IT from having to work across multiple vendors and their unique technology silos simply to deploy a key platform or service―saving innumerable hours and resources. Some vendors have finally recognized this demand and are now working more closely together to enable greatly improved efficiency for the IT teams deploying, managing and enhancing these platforms. See More

    • 5 ways to accelerate time-to-value with data

      Organizations that embrace IT Transformation are 18x more likely to make faster, data-driven decisions—while also being more innovative, competitive and cost-efficient. With fast, automated access to real-world data from current workloads, you can expedite development cycles, eliminate silos and accelerate access to innovation. Here’s how. See More

    • End-User Service Delivery: Why IT Must Move Up the Stack to Deliver Real Value

      Within many IT organizations, system admins and managers have always focused fairly low in the software stack, dealing with the minutiae of delivering individual services or apps to each user. This low-level focus has been driven by the design of many legacy software products, which prioritize creating individual implementations of complex software over leveraging standardization and automation. In digital workspaces, however, the huge number of unique devices and employees makes working at low levels of the stack especially resource-intensive. Delivering high-value services or game-breaking and transformational apps becomes quite difficult, as IT resources are being overloaded with the details. See More

    • 4 steps to making better-informed IT investments

      IT teams are under the gun to make data-based, future-oriented infrastructure investments to support IT transformation and cloud computing. Here’s how your organization can easily and efficiently collect, visualize, model and share real-world data from existing workloads to make faster and smarter decisions. See More

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  • August 18, 2017 18 Aug'17

    It's time for the DevOps organization to stop ignoring security

    How do you make developers, who sometimes operate at breakneck speeds, care about security? Why not gamify it, Lev Lesokhin of CAST said in this SearchCIO video interview.

  • August 08, 2017 08 Aug'17

    Monsanto CIO ties AI investments to business outcomes

    The 'decision science' center of excellence at Monsanto is outfitted and overseen by IT. It's also the heart of the company's data culture. CIO Jim Swanson explains.

  • August 07, 2017 07 Aug'17

    Monsanto IT turns data into 'decision science,' CIO says

    Machine learning helped Monsanto slash carbon emissions; 'decision science' is disrupting its business processes: CIO Jim Swanson talks digital upheaval with SearchCIO.

  • August 02, 2017 02 Aug'17

    How to harness the collective intelligence of the enterprise

    What is the collective intelligence of the enterprise and how can CIOs help their companies make it greater? MIT's Tom Malone has some suggestions.

  • July 31, 2017 31 Jul'17

    Unpakt's platform business model offers a moving experience

    Unpakt overcame an early chicken-and-egg challenge to create an online marketplace that let users view price quotes from multiple moving companies when planning a move.

  • July 31, 2017 31 Jul'17

    Ship data to provider, switch on machine learning capabilities

    CIOs who want machine learning capabilities first need to get oodles of data to the algorithms. Not to worry -- they can mail or truck it in.

  • July 31, 2017 31 Jul'17

    Aflac CIO seized a CEO imperative to create an agile IT organization

    Aflac's One Day Pay wasn't just about making it easier to pay out claims. It was also an opportunity to transform IT. Julia Davis explains in this SearchCIO video interview.

  • July 31, 2017 31 Jul'17

    Aflac CIO: IT flexibility enables enterprise innovation

    When Julia Davis joined Aflac, she was faced with a significant challenge: How could she shed traditional IT for Agile?

  • July 31, 2017 31 Jul'17

    Cyber resilience weaves cybersecurity into dev process

    Lev Lesokhin encourages CIOs to shift cyber security efforts left -- to the development process. He explains what he means in this SearchCIO video interview.

  • July 31, 2017 31 Jul'17

    Aflac CIO Julia Davis talks about her four-year push to modernize IT

    Julia Davis analyzes the balance between adapting legacy technology and replacing systems outright in this SearchCIO video interview.