Web 2.0 strategies for SMBs

Web 2.0 technologies are catching on at companies of all sizes. Find out how to make them work for your SMB with SearchSMB.com's top five Web 2.0 tips.

Does the recent wave of Web 2.0 technologies have your head spinning? From social networks to blogs and wikis, Web 2.0 technologies are quickly making their way into SMBs -- and it's your job to integrate them safely and effectively. Here we present our top five Web 2.0 tips for SMBs.

1. Web 2.0 integration poses challenges and rewards
Web 2.0 technologies are in demand by workers and customers alike. Implementing them into existing IT infrastructures and managing them effectively are the next steps for SMBs.
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2. SaaS options demand discipline from SMBs
As the Software as a Service market continues to grow, SMBs must wisely choose which on-demand software offerings are likely to yield the best results.
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3. Blog rules: Best practices to keep you in business
Author Nancy Flynn of the ePolicy Institute offers her 10 best practices-based tips on how to make the most of corporate blogs.
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4. IM security best practices for SMBs
Instant messaging offers SMBs many benefits, as long as their systems are secure.
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5. Time to wake up to Web 2.0
A room full of IT managers, and not one of them is using Web 2.0. Moreover, half of them don't know what Web 2.0 is. What's going on?
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