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The Real Business of IT: Download a free chapter

The book "The Real Business of IT" focuses on how CIOs can demonstrate the value of IT as a strategic partner. Download a free chapter on finding new value sources in IT.

Historically, IT has been viewed as a cost center and CIOs have been unable to effectively communicate the value...

of IT to the business. In their latest book, The Real Business of IT, co-authors Richard Hunter and George Westerman tackle this problem and offer advice on how CIOs can use information technology to create various forms of value to the organization.

In chapter five, "Find the Sources of New Value," the authors discuss four ways IT can add value and improve business performance. Internally, IT can provide more timely and quality information to help improve operational decisions, as well as optimize and transform internal processes. For external purposes, IT can do a better job of embedding information in the company's products and services, and change how customers and partners interact with the business and its products and services.

The chapter also provides examples of ways companies such as DKSH Holding Ltd. and Career Education Corp. are demonstrating the value of IT to the business through improved processes and information delivery.

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