ROI strategies for CIOs

Here are five of our top ROI articles, with useful resources and advice to make better cases for IT projects.

More than ever, CEOs are demanding ROI figures from CIOs looking to implement technology initiatives. Here are...

five of our top ROI articles, with useful resources and advice to make better cases for IT projects.

1. Virtualization by the numbers: ROI not just about hardware
If you can believe the numbers bandied about at a recent virtualization forum in New York, virtualization has gone mainstream and increasingly will drive business policies and strategy.
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2. Disaster recovery plans bring peace of mind, ROI
Like car insurance, the value of disaster recovery plans doesn't become apparent until the worst happens. But the ROI can still be measured, even before disaster strikes.
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3. E-discovery more than just litigation insurance
The benefits of e-discovery go far beyond preparing a company for potential litigation. It can improve internal functions and save money, too.
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4. Managed security services stop spam, deliver ROI
A managed security service provider helped ESL Federal Credit Union reduce administrative costs and free up IT staff time, resulting in high ROI -- not to mention less spam.
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5. Network upgrades bring faster apps and ROI
The emergence of voice traffic is forcing more companies to upgrade network infrastructures. But picking a vendor and equipment isn't just a matter of comparing network speed.
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This was last published in October 2007

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