Open source strategies for SMBs

Open source technologies are secure, affordable options for SMBs. Find out more with our top five open source tips for SMBs.

One way to make the most of a tight budget is to invest in open source technologies. Not only are they generally more secure than most off-the-shelf proprietary products, but they're also usually free! Here we present our top five open source tips for SMBs.

1. Linux desktop: Simpler, more secure than Windows
Don't adopt Linux desktop just because you hate Microsoft, experts agree. Instead, make the switch to open source for the simplified maintenance and improved security.
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2. Open source security: Five best practices
While open source software is often more secure than its proprietary counterparts, it still needs to be hardened, patched and locked down before deployment in the enterprise. Here are five best practices for securing open source software at SMBs.
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3. Open source security OK, experts assure SMBs
Although the vendor field is still sparse, open source technology is a strong option for securing SMBs' networks.
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4. Open source and Web site design: Caveat emptor
Using open source software to redesign or create a Web site can be beneficial to resource-strapped SMBs, but caveat emptor -- there are hidden costs.
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5. Unix or Linux? Are you ready to make the move?
If you're considering migration away from your current Unix platform, make sure you choose Linux for the right reasons.
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