On-demand business intelligence systems vs. in-house

Richard Sherman discusses the ins and outs of on-demand and in-house business intelligence systems.

CIOs have two options when it comes to implementing a business intelligence system: a traditional in-house implementation, or a hosted, or on-demand model. In this webcast our expert reviews both options and help users determine which is a better fit for their organization and why.

SPEAKER: Richard Sherman, founder, Athena IT Solutions Inc.

BIOGRAPHY: Sherman has more than 18 years of data warehousing and decision support systems experience, having built his first data warehouse and data mart in 1987. He has been designing and implementing relational database for decision support systems for more than 20 years, beginning with using Oracle in 1982. He has worked on more than 50 data warehouse and data mart implementations across many industry groups, sourcing data from a variety of business applications.

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