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Most popular SearchCIO videos for IT industry leaders in 2017

Get cutting-edge technology strategy insight straight from IT industry leaders in this countdown of our top 10 most popular SearchCIO videos from 2017.

Modern CIOs are always looking to get a leg up with their IT strategy. Our top 10 most popular videos from 2017 is a great place to start: In these interviews, IT leaders from various industries discuss their first-hand experiences with implementing technology initiatives at their organizations.

The topics discussed in these videos run the gamut, from leadership development to cloud strategy to the business benefits of blockchain. Perhaps tellingly, digital transformation was a frequent topic of discussion in our most popular 2017 SearchCIO videos. As organizations continue adjusting to a business world that gets more digitized by the day, it's no wonder CIOs and other IT execs are looking for advice to make this journey a smooth one for their companies. In these videos, you'll hear from CIOs as they discuss their own digital transformation experiences and the strategies they used to make it a successful process.

This list includes the most popular videos with our readers in 2017, but it is just the tip of the iceberg. For many more of these SearchCIO interviews featuring strategic advice from IT leaders, please visit the SearchCIO video homepage. To get started, here are our top 10 videos featuring advice from IT industry leaders in 2017.

Tech pros: Brush up on soft skills

It may seem counterintuitive, but decision-makers are looking beyond the "T" when it comes to hiring IT professionals. For IT executives interviewed at the Gartner Symposium in Orlando, Fla., excelling at soft skills such as good communication and problem-solving abilities now holds as much weight as technical adeptness when considering IT hires.

IT career tips

Much of the career advice IT leaders receive gets forgotten or ignored, but sometimes a nugget can influence their job outlook or even how they work. From considering an outsider's perspective to adopting an improvisational mindset to embracing failure, five IT executives share the best pieces of career advice they have ever received.

Blockchain in the enterprise

Pramod Achanta, blockchain services leader at IBM North America, says blockchain technology has immense potential to streamline business processes -- but companies need to remember its limitations. Achanta spoke with SearchCIO at the Fusion CEO-CIO Symposium about the myths, benefits and challenges associated with implementing blockchain technology.

IT leadership advice

SearchCIO columnist Joseph Flahiff says that today's effective leaders don't just tell employees what to do, but instead create a more collaborative environment. In this CIO Minute video segment, he explains why workers who feel engaged are more likely to come up with creative answers when their leaders ask the right questions.

The benefits of a 'digital thread'

One of the ways GE CIO Jim Fowler plans to help meet a goal to generate $1 billion in productivity over a five-year period is through an initiative called the "digital thread." This framework is designed to connect data and processes from multiple systems together, making them easy to access and integrate. SearchCIO caught up with Fowler at the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium to learn about GE's digital thread and how technology is the backbone of the thread's success.

Cloud-based challenges persist

For modern companies, cloud computing holds an almost magical allure as it promises to lower costs and foster more agile IT. But organizations are way off base if they think moving an application or two to the cloud without a solid migration plan in place will solve all their problems, Cloud Technology Partners vice president and principal architect Ed Featherston said at the 2017 Cloud Expo in New York. In this video filmed on the concourse of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, Featherston and two other cloud watchers discuss the cloud computing challenges facing IT execs.

Achieving digital business goals

David Gledhill, global CIO at DBS Bank in Singapore and the winner of the 2017 MIT Sloan CIO Symposium Leadership Award, tore down the bank's legacy infrastructure and enhanced customer experience as part of a huge digital transformation project. In this video filmed at the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, Gledhill talks about why this overhaul was necessary to achieve the company's digital business mission: To make banking joyful.

Turning data into decision science

Since taking over at Monsanto Co. as CIO in 2013, Jim Swanson has helped the agribusiness embrace decision science -- defined as the application of business, math, technology, design thinking and behavioral science to make better strategic decisions. At the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, SearchCIO caught up with Swanson to discuss how the Monsanto IT department is disrupting business processes to meet this goal and his plans to build the IT department of the future.

People before platform

For IT executive Neil Gomes, a digital transformation roadmap starts with people and ends with the platform. At the Gartner Symposium in Orlando, Fla., SearchCIO asked Gomes, vice president for technology innovation and consumer experience at Thomas Jefferson University, where IT execs should begin when planning their organizations' digital transformation journey.

Digital transformation: The CIO role

For Matt Griffiths, vice president and CIO at Stanley Black & Decker Industrial, changes in culture and processes go hand in hand with the adoption of new technologies during a digital transformation. At the CDM Media CIO Summit in Boston, Griffiths explained why adapting to these numerous changes are a big part of the IT industry leaders' role in driving a company's digital transformation.

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