Membership has online benefits at credit union

The ability to transact business anywhere, anytime and anyway was the goal for Advancial Federal Credit Union CIO Larry Burwell. An enhanced home banking system did the trick.

Award winner: Larry L. Burwell, CIO, Advancial Federal Credit Union

Award-winning project: Implemented a scanning technology that allows members to make deposits remotely. This decreased branch and operational staff workload and reduced the overall number of deposits processed by 10%.

Hear from our award winner
Larry BurwellListen in as Larry L. Burwell talks with special projects editor Karen Guglielmo about his work as CIO at Advancial Federal Credit Union.

Industry: Financial services

Revenue: $33.7 million

Number of employees: 125

Time in job: 15 years

Educational background: Bachelor's degree in business administration from Columbus University.

First job: Ice cream scooper at an ice cream shop.

Best advice you've ever received: If you're going to do something, do it right.

Best career move: Coming to work for Advancial during a time when technology adoption and Internet development was on the rise.

Award-winning IT
Why this project worked: We could not find a solution that fit the needs of Advancial and our membership. We had to time the development and roll out of the system(s) in order to fulfill contract obligations while offering a replacement service that was more comprehensive and easier to use than those available by current vendors.

How you sold it to management: Cost analysis and improved functionality along with controlling our own service was a key part of the management team adopting the solution.

What the judges said: This project successfully aligned IT with business improvement. In addition, the project objectives and process were communicated effectively with all levels of staff.

Biggest career influence: In the early 80s my dad told me I should get into technology.

Best technology decision: Bringing software development in-house at Advancial.

Biggest IT challenge: Development of our in-house home banking system(s).

Best personality trait: Being honest and forthright.

Worst personality trait: Being honest and forthright.

Hobby: Coaching girls' competitive softball in the spring and summer, and being an outdoorsman in the fall and winter.

Alter-ego career: BBQ Pit Master

Current reading: The Art of Racing in the Rain, Garth Stein

Next big technology: Adaptive technology -- security and service-based behavioral modeling.

One word of advice to IT pros coming up the ranks: Never put yourself into a box that you have to think outside of. Can't never could and anything is possible.

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