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Key to customer service satisfaction: Simplify complexity

Customer service satisfaction can be improved by simplifying complexity, according to business executives interviewed in this chapter of James Champy's newest book.

In "What could be more inspiring than simplifying complexity?," Chapter 5 of James Champy's newest book, Inspire! Why Customers Come Back, he discusses how one successful company improved customer service satisfaction by relying on the basics, avoiding complicated layers of management and insisting on in-house product development and internal customer support services. Although there might be complexity behind the scenes, companies that excel in customer service satisfaction focus on making the customer experience as simple and seamless as possible.

To read the full chapter, download this .pdf copy of "What could be more inspiring than simplifying complexity?"

About the book: In Inspire! Why Customers Come Back, Champy discusses how to engage a new generation of customers who value transparency and authenticity and how to reinvigorate your company in the face of brutally tough and creative competition. Through a series of original case studies, Champy attempts to solve the most challenging problems companies face today: making customers stick and improving customer service satisfaction.

About the author: Champy is chairman of Perot Systems Corp.'s consulting practice and also head of strategy for the company. He is responsible for providing direction and guidance to the company's team of business and management consultants. Champy has also authored numerous books, including Outsmart! How to Do What Your Competitors Can't.

For more insights from Champy, check out this video interview featuring his comments on IT innovation in an economic crisis.

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