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Information technology management e-book downloads for midmarket CIOs

SearchCIO-Midmarket.com's e-books offer midmarket CIOs a package of articles focused on the pressing information technology and management issues facing CIOs, including salaries, business intelligence, data security and mobile technology. Download these guides today.

SearchCIO-Midmarket.com's e-books are comprehensive packages of news, tips and other resources focused on the latest information technology management issues facing CIOs, including salaries, business intelligence, data breaches and mobile technology. Each edition is published in an artfully designed PDF document. These e-book downloads are an exclusive benefit of your SearchCIO-Midmarket.com membership.

Centralize. Virtualize. Realize ROI.

Centralize. Virtualize. Realize ROI. Virtualizing any aspect of your data center changes the game for compliance and e-discovery. Make sure you know exactly where your applications are running, that your server controls are intact and that your service provider contract provisions are "virtualization- friendly." You want to enjoy all the benefits of a virtual data center, not worry about whether your compliance controls are adrift in the computing "cloud." Included in this e-book:

  • Capacity planning eases path to virtualization
  • Consolidation via virtualization can offer quick ROI
  • Four strategies for compliance in a virtualized data center

Access our virtualization e-book.

The 2008 Salary Survey Results

2008 Salary Survey Our exclusive look at salaries for midmarket CIOs. Find out what's rising, what's flat and what compensation really looks like for information technology executives in the midmarket. Included in this e-book:

  • Cautious optimism pervades midmarket
  • What if you want a bigger raise?
  • Exit strategies
  • Future plans: Headhunters' advice

Download our salary survey e-book.

Striking Data Gold

Striking Data Gold The call for business intelligence grows louder as companies collect more and more data. We've drilled down to give you the latest strategies on using valuable business data that may already be sitting in storage. In this e-book:

  • Defining the business advantage
  • Rectifying data quality issues first
  • Valuable data bubbles up at Korbel
  • Data mining helps solve departmental problems

Download our business intelligence e-book.

Data Breach!

Data Breach! As data loss from careless employees or thieves becomes ever more common, every organization should have a plan to notify its constituents if personal information is lost. Here's the latest on data breach-related legislation, how to create a data security plan and whether you, the CIO, should be in the public eye if the undesirable happens:

  • The art of fessing up
  • Bills for a federal breach notification law languish in Congress
  • CIOs under fire and in front of the camera

Download our data breach e-book.

Mobile Matters

 Mobile Matters From laptops to smartphones, virtual private networks (VPNs) to Short Message Service, every midmarket business must manage a growing number of mobile technologies, many of them creeping over from the consumer sphere. Here's our roundup of the hottest issues and how CIOs are grappling with them:

  • When the personal meets the professional
  • Laptop theft easily preventable while on the road
  • Hardball tactics required to manage non-email messaging
  • VPNs offer more than secure remote access
  • Smartphone envy creates chaos for CIOs

Download our mobile technolog e-book.

Like our PDFs? Our CIO Decisions Ezine is also published in this format.

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