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Information technology e-books for enterprise CIOs

CIOs must tackle both the IT and business sides of the latest issues. Find advice, news and other resources in our e-books covering hot topics like green IT, outsourcing, business process management and more.

SearchCIO.com's information technology e-books are comprehensive packages focused on the latest technology and management issues facing CIOs, including green technology, outsourcing and business process management (BPM). Each edition is published in an artfully designed PDF document. These information technology e-books are an exclusive benefit of your SearchCIO.com membership.

Next-Generation BI Strategies

Next-Generation BI StrategiesBusiness intelligence is critical to many initiatives. Therefore, CIOs need to pay special attention to changes in the business.

Learn more about the latest business intelligence systems and how they can help meet the changing needs of the business.

Download "Next-Generation BI Strategies."

A Holistic Approach to Data Protection

A Holistic Approach to Data ProtectionData protection encompasses a host of technologies, business processes and best practices. Government regulations threaten dire consequences for noncompliance, and compromised data quickly becomes a public relations and customer retention issue. Learn more about the various parts of a data protection strategy and how to maintain and augment what you already have.

Download "A Holistic Approach to Data Protection."

Unlock Outsourcing Potential and Change

Unlock Outsourcing Potential and ChangeHow can a CIO ensure outsourcing success? Target the right projects, choose suppliers wisely and then manage them with an eye on economic conditions at that global site.

Download our outsourcing e-book for a step-by-step plan for optimizing savings.

Download "Unlock Outsourcing Potential and Change."

The BPM Payoff

The BPM PayoffThe savings from BPM projects can come quickly, no matter where the projects begin -- IT or the business. Here's how some companies are diplomatically deploying BPM for more efficient operations. In this e-book:

  • Sit IT and business together for BPM success
  • Technology enables BPM as a service -- on premise
  • Business event processing: The next step for BPM
  • Software as a Service vendors leverage BPM foundation

Download "The BPM Payoff."

The 2008 Salary Survey Results

2008 Salary Survey Results Our look at what's rising, what's flat and what compensation really looks like for IT executives across the large-enterprise segment.

Download "The 2008 Salary Survey Results."

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