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Infographic: Critical components of DevOps success

Many organizations are still in the beginning stages of understanding and applying DevOps concepts and strategies, according to a Pink Elephant survey.

Sustained DevOps success is a goal -- albeit, a distant one -- for many of the 160 organizations polled in Pink Elephant's 2017 Pink Think Tank survey.

Pink Elephant surveyed IT leaders and experts in technology, finance, government, manufacturing, healthcare and other major vertical industries. The representatives disclosed where their organizations stood in understanding and applying several key components of DevOps.

The survey results showed that less than one-quarter of the represented organizations have mastered one of the primary components of DevOps success -- a firm understanding of what the term DevOps means. A slightly higher percentage indicated that their organizations have formed stakeholder teams with members from both the dev and ops sides of the DevOps equation. On the importance of security and compliance in DevOps initiatives, feedback from respondents showed there is work to be done in those areas, as well: Less than half stated that security and compliance measures are incorporated into their DevOps plans.

Seven components of DevOps

Pink Elephant's survey isn't the only recent indication that DevOps isn't providing immediate measurable results. According to a study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Blueprint Software Systems Inc., nearly half of the organizations polled admitted they struggle to connect their DevOps practices to a concrete return on business value. Despite that unclear link, 94% of respondents to the Forrester study said they "expect notable improvements" in their DevOps initiatives by using strategies such as business alignment and turning customer experience improvement into "shippable" or fully developed code.

The rest of the results and analysis of the Pink Elephant 2017 Pink Think Tank survey are depicted above in our SearchCIO infographic. Take a look and find out where organizations stand in their mastery of the key components of DevOps success and learn some crucial next steps for ensuring the continued growth of DevOps.

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