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Improving your business process management strategy: Chapter download

Bogged down by business process management? A new book from industry veteran Terry Schurter provides tips for managing business processes. Read the first chapter here.

A successful business process management (BPM) strategy can no doubt be a challenge -- business process modeling is expensive and time consuming, staff adoption of standardized workflows may never catch on, and the wait time for quick wins and ROI can be longer than anticipated. But in a time when re-examining business process workflows is more than just an option, organizations are turning to BPM for guidance.

Read the first chapter
The Insider's Guide to BPMThis chapter is an excerpt from the book The Insiders' Guide to BPM: 7 Steps to Process Mastery, authored by Terry Schurter with Peter Fingar, published by Meghan-Kiffer Press, September 2009, ISBN 0929652096 Copyright 2009.
"The economic recession or downturn has brought BPM to the forefront," said Terry Schurter, director of product strategy at Global 360 Inc. and chairman of the board of advisors for the International Process and Performance Institute. "The need to be more productive and more efficient is causing people to ask themselves if they're doing the right things to keep their jobs."

Schurter recently authored The Insiders' Guide to BPM: 7 Steps to Process Mastery, offering his thoughts on fine-tuning a business process management strategy -- including the importance of flexibility, collaboration and simple process workflows.

"I met with CIOs, consultants of all industries and other experts to come up with seven steps that are consistent," Schurter said. "Whatever you're doing, whether you're the CIO of a multibillion dollar company or a small business owner, these are the key elements of BPM in very simple terms."

The book offers insight on understanding and embracing your business process management strategy, improving personal productivity and keeping your processes in tune. Here, we offer you the first chapter.

Right-click to download this chapter from The Insiders' Guide to BPM: 7 Steps to Process Mastery.

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