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Identity and access management (IAM) is an issue IT organizations face on all levels. Management begins at the top with the CIO, and from there it goes up -- and down. This supercast features identity and access management articles, podcasts and webcasts on as well as print articles from the Nov. 2006 issue of CIO Decisions magazine. It offers IT management advice for CIOs who are planning to deploy or are updating an identity and access management system, as well as resources and case studies. If you have comments or suggestions, drop us an email at

Webcast: A CIO Guide to Identity and Access Management
Speaker: Richard Mackey, ISACA, CISM, SystemsExperts
In this webcast, Dick Mackey will discuss strategies for approaching the identity management and access control, the underlying concepts that help CIOs to understand the challenges, how identity and access management relates to compliance, and what CIOs can expect from the technological solutions available today.

Opinion: ID and access management: Just say yes
Identity and access management expert Joel Dubin offers detailed advice on how to create, qualify and quantify vital ID and access management services and how to set ROI benchmarks for your executive peers.

Podcast: Justifying the costs of identity and access management to executives
Joel Dubin outlines simple steps to creating ROI benchmarks for managing up to the CEO and CFO on ID and access management systems.


Access Granted
Identity and access management software, which automatically manages user passwords and permissions, has long been out of reach for midmarket enterprises. No longer.

IAM deployment snapshot
As with any IT project, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City began its identity and access management project with a list of requirements and projected costs. Here is a breakdown of the company's project requirements, tools and outcomes.

Secure access and simplicity -- a balancing act that pays off
Securing $5 billion worth of investment portfolios while allowing easy access for customers and partners are just a few of the challenges investment firm Financial Engines meets -- while keeping up with compliance standards. A case study.

The State of State Security Breach Notification Laws
When a data security breach occurs, U.S. state laws vary in defining company responsibility. Be prepared by learning the law.

Podcast: 10 tips in 10 minutes: Understanding and complying with security breach notification laws
In this rapid-fire session, information technology lawyer Matt Karlyn delivers 10 tips you can use to better understand and comply with state security breach notification laws.

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