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IT management FAQ guides for enterprise IT strategies

In these IT management FAQ guides, get answers to frequently asked questions about technologies and methodologies such as ITIL, Lean thinking, Six Sigma, Agile and more.

When considering implementing a new IT methodology or technology in their organizations, enterprise CIOs need to get the facts.

The following series of IT management FAQ guides, produced by SearchCIO.com, cover such topics as the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), Lean thinking, Six Sigma, Agile development and change management. In these guides, we provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about leading enterprise technologies, methodologies and trends. From defining key terms to outlining use cases and success strategies, each FAQ includes expert commentary and offers links to further information on recommended tools.

So read on to find the IT management FAQ that will help you move your organization forward today, and check back often to consult our continually updated list.

Agile methodology

Companies are increasingly using Agile practices to improve software project outcomes. Learn more about Agile here, from Scrum to Extreme Programming and more.

business intelligence

Find out how CIOs are taking their business intelligence strategies to the next level with new approaches to gathering, accessing, measuring, displaying and sharing information.

Change management

The CIO's role in organizational and IT change management is to ensure service availability and business support. Learn more about IT's role in change management.


The ITIL framework is a globally accepted standard for improving IT service quality. This FAQ reviews the ITIL definition, training options and costs and ITIL-compatible tools.

IT outsourcing contracts

IT outsourcing contracts are only as strong as the negotiations surrounding them. In this FAQ, learn how to establish service-level agreements, set contract lengths and maintain flexibility.

IT outsourcing strategy

An IT outsourcing strategy is crucial to enterprises looking to cut costs and globalize operations during a recession. In this guide, learn how to get started with IT outsourcing.

Lean methodology

Lean thinking is the process of incorporating Lean principles into an enterprise. This FAQ shows how Lean thinking works and how IT is benefiting from this improvement methodology.

Service catalogs

An IT service catalog is a menu of services offered by an IT organization. Get the FAQs on how to implement an IT service catalog and automate the service request process.

Six Sigma methodology

The Six Sigma methodology has helped companies improve customer service and eliminate errors for years. Learn how IT can reap the benefits of this service-driven methodology.

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