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IT career salaries infographic: Salary expectations, projects and mood

TechTarget's Annual Salary and Careers Survey polled 1,771 professionals on their current earnings, the mood in IT and salary expectations for 2014.

Have you wondered how IT career salaries at your company stack up against the masses? Do you think the mood within your IT organization is unusually optimistic -- or pessimistic? In this year's Annual Salary and Careers Survey, TechTarget polled 1,771 IT professionals -- ranging from systems administrators to CIOs -- about their total compensation and overall job satisfaction in 2013. The survey covered everything -- from bonuses and pay cuts to staffing to IT priorities in the coming year.

In this SearchCIO salary infographic, we reveal how your paycheck compares to those of others with a similar job title, divulge that salary expectations are on the rise and show that IT professionals are optimistic about the road ahead.

CIO IT salary infographic

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